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The first NFT-powered streaming service

Experience original stories and exclusive shows that you can’t see anywhere else. From comedy hits to Esports to animation, all your can't-miss-moments are on demand in one place! And we're just getting started.

Be Entertained

Who says originality is dead? Rad is your new home for watching and making the most unique video content on the web. Have a look around and be immersed, intrigued, and influenced by NFTV, the new Web3 phase of entertainment - the most exciting way to watch and engage with video. Whether you’re here to consume, contribute or create, you’ll find you come together to build the future with us.

What makes NFTV so special?

Rad is the world’s first Web3-enabled streaming platform where creators create a name for themselves by serving the freshest videos. We’ve got premium token gated content, on-demand and live tv, plus you can mint your own NFT videos. You just might find something you’ve never seen anywhere else.

Streaming re-imagined with Web3

Our streaming service is unlike any other - we not only provide access to the hottest Web3 entertainment but also unique content you can’t get access to anywhere else, including both live streaming and video on demand. But there’s more, lots and lots more.

Like get free transactions on Rad by holding 100,000 ARA with numerous ways to earn $ARA. Learn More here about how to get and use $ARA tokens.

The first streaming subscription powered by NFTs

Our Stream Pass is highly-limited premium NFT subscription allowing you to first access, exclusive features, and new NFT drops and mints across 1000s of hours of content from 100s of creators.

We believe in backing our creative community but also backing our audience through these interactive features available both via NFT-subscription or credit card.

Mint Your Streampass Here!

I’ve Heard Enough, Let’s GO!

Get Paid

Whether you’re a maker or creator, artist or visionary - never before has the world offered such a unique and utopian place for authors and their audiences to come together.
There’s way more flexibility than other platforms built for yesterday - we’re building a future where Web3 is easy, intuitive and all under one (digital) roof.

Creators can

  • Upload video content
  • Create NFTs or Collections
  • Associate NFTs with Video Series or Content
  • Token Gate Video content with NFTs
  • Access built in distribution across multiple platforms including web, mobile, Meta Quest and PlayStation
  • Engage and build their communities
So what are you waiting for? Get your work up and start building your community of not just fans, but contributors to your work. Find out about what becoming a creator can mean to you. You can create and mint NFTs, as well as token-gate your best content.

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