Streaming for Next Gen Video Creators in AI, XR, and Blockchain

Upload, set pricing, get paid instantly with multiple royalties, and stream to fans on Android and Apple TVs, PlayStation 4, PS VR, Meta Quest, and Mobile Devices.

New Creator Tools for Getting Paid Instantly

  • Upload video, set metadata and price, create numerous royalty splits to multiple wallets using Ethereum, BSV, and more chains coming soon.
  • Include your content in the Rad super subscription for even greater reach and revenue opportunities.
  • Monetize day one without a need for account minimums.
  • Keep ownership of your IP and sell directly to your fans, and get extra promotion from Rad across platforms.

The First Streaming Platform for AI Generated Video

  • Rad is a curated safe space for AI Video Creators.
  • Reach an engaged new audience already excited about AI content.
  • No humans needed, as long as its entertaining or engaging artwork.
  • Additional AI tools and integrations coming soon.
Start Creating

Watch Creators and Content on Major Streaming Devices, or Even Your Own Content

  • Find Rad TV on Android TVs and Mobile, Apple TV and iOS, Search for Rad TV on PlayStation 4 and PS VR , and Meta Quest. Check out the Docs for Each Platform -here
  • Purchase and own content as a one time purchase, get access to creators’ content bundled into Rad’s subscription, watch free TV, or even watch your own media library.
  • Download Kodi, Jellyfin, or any local media streaming server, and watch your personal media library to the Rad apps.
  • Plug in your USB key to the PlayStation, and play local files in VR or on TVs, without the need to maintain a local network.
  • Discover content directly on the web as well.

Stream Pass - Reinventing Subscriptions through One Time Purchases with Crypto

  • Buy single videos for the first time ever with ETH
  • Subscribe to a large library of exclusive content with the first ever subscription NFT, the Rad Stream Pass. Stream Pass unlocks Rad entirely for full access as a one time purchase, and you can resell, yes resell, the Stream Pass if you no longer need it.
  • You can also purchase a subscription with regular dollars or multiple supported fiat currencies globally.
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